Introduction of Yingkou City Library
  Yingkou City Library was founded on Oct 21st, 1956. Yingkou City Library is a public library and a center that collects, stores, develops, utilizes and offers literature information. The library is located on NO.10 building, Gongyuan Road, Zhanqian District, Yingkou City. The library has a construction area of 12,000-plus m2. It currently owns 578,000 books that are mainly about energy, chemicals, mechanical equipment, new construction materials and automobile maintenance, which reflects local features. The library ranks NO.1 in Yingkou in terms of book collection amount, scale and history. Yingkou City Library is rated as national Level I Library twice by China’s Ministry of Culture in its 3rd and 4th China National Public Library Assessment.
  Yingkou City Library operates on the principle of “readers matters most, service comes first”. It promotes the idea of sharing, aiming to build a civilized and advanced library with the means of activities and brands. It promotes reading among the public including lending books to the public and providing digital library for them to read online. It also offers Q&A services and SDI. Other services include visiting service, exhibitions, seminars and lectures, among other things. It has created several brand activities with distinctive features such as “Yingkou Mobile library”, “A Class for Citizens”, “Guiding Service for the Vision-impaired”, and “Enlightenment for Children”, etc. The library has become a learning camp for the people in Yingkou.
  It has won many awards: “Advanced Organization” by the Ministry of Culture; National Honorary Positions held by women; National Pilot City for Reading; National Base for the Popularization of Science; Provincial Civilized Organization; Advanced Organization in the Cultural System of Liaoning Province; Advanced Organization in Social and Cultural Work in Liaoning Province; Advanced Organization in the Cultural System of Liaoning Province; Civilized Organization in Yingkou; (Yingou) Advanced Organization in the Building of National Civilized City; Yingkou Labor’s Day Award; Advanced CPC Branch in Yingkou; Advanced Youth League Branch in Yingkou, etc. It has also been rated as National Advanced Reading Association. It has been rated as Provincial Advanced Reading Association for years in a row.

Services & Functions

  Yingkou City Library has all-round functions including lending books, newspapers, magazines, reading online, bibliography, information development, reading for the underage, blind, audio materials for Braille, movies and TV programs, surfing the internet, disclosing government information, etc.

  Open time: Monday to Friday 0900-1700
  Wednesday 0900-1200
  Open on holidays and weekends
  Open time same as mentioned above
  Address: No. 10 Gongyuan Road, Zhanqian District, Yingkou City
  Contact: +86417-3508269
  Introduction of Yingkou City Library